Monday, 9 March 2009

My Win from Pink Gem

Im so pleased to have won the candy from Pink Gem. I was so surprised to see my name come up. Ive only just started to use my blog, ive had it created a bit but didnt use it.

Im feeling my way around at the moment, adding things here and there, looking at all the lovely blogs. I will post my cards with the stamps Ive won. I cant wait to receive them. Thank you Janet for the opportunity to win them

Julie x


  1. Well done on winning. These are such beautiful stamps. Elaine

  2. Congratulations Julie, I'll look forward to seeing your cards

  3. Congratulations Julie on winning Janet's Candy :)
    You're right, her stamps are gorgeous - and so easy to use.
    Look forward to seeing the cards you make with the ones you pick :)
    Carol x

  4. Congratulations on winning the stamps Julie, they look lovely stamps.

  5. congratulations Julie! and I am glad that I can now leave messages!
    Carole x


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