Friday, 27 November 2009

A Card for the Box

Its my intention over the coming months to make cards to go into a box so that I always have a card on standby.  This card is one that going into the box.   As Im into stitching cards at the moment I had this one stitched all ready to just mat onto some card and decoupage.  

Whether I get any more cards into the box remains to be seen.

Thanks for looking.
                                   Julie x

Monday, 23 November 2009

Stitched Sunflower Fairy


Im quite proud of this card.   Ive picked up card stitching again and this is my latest effort.   The card is for a girl at work who is leaving on Friday to go on maternity leave.   Im going round today to do the collection for her so the card had to be big enough for all the signatures.  Its 8" x 8", made by joining two A4 pieces of card together.  I layered it up that much, it wouldnt fit in the envelope so I had to make a box for it.   Anyway I hope she likes it!!!.

The fairy is the sunflower fairy.  I took the colours from the fairy to do the stitching.

Thanks for looking

Julie x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Some New Cards

I seem to have got back into the card making again recently, firstly doing these cards for my sister in law, Dawn who is 40 on this coming Friday.  The first one is using a decoupage sheet taken from the Joanna Sheen -Edwardian Diary CD which I got recently.   The second card is using some 3D decoupage stitching sheet from
card stitching.   I need to practice the stitching though, but I find doing the stitching very relaxing.   Im now in the
process of stitching my family christmas cards.

Thanks for looking